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Whether you want to relax and destress yourself or you’re at a casual hangout with your friends or even just to enjoy the weather with a cup of tea, or if you want tea accessories so you can make the perfect blend with fancy teaware to help you enjoy the entire process thoroughly – with over 350+ unique types of teas and dozens of unique accessories, ensuring a large and diversified variety to choose from, Culinary Teas makes sure you’re all set for any type of mood or setting.

What is Culinary Teas?

A small family-owned company based in Midwest U.S, offering a large selection of gourmet teas ranging from Bingo Blueberry Herbal Tea to Chocolate Caramel Turtle Tea. Not only that but a large selection of teaware is available as well. Since the company’s vision is to provide gourmet teas for every taste, a quality standard is maintained in terms of variety as well as the freshness of teas by employing regular taste-testing and ensuring proper packaging.

Enjoy a tea for any mood

Offering one of the largest varieties of gourmet teas, your only problem will be which tea to choose and enjoy its luxurious flavor and aroma. The Afternoon Blend, perfect for the afternoon when you need a loving moment for yourself or a reminder that all is good, pairs well with a midday stretch and a peaceful meditation. Or perhaps you want something suitable for a barbecue, Culinary Teas has got you covered for that too with its Angel Falls Mist Iced Tea Blend, the perfect blend for an outdoor summer barbecue. There are even teas to help you sleep better. Ranging from the Twilight Blend to Bedtime Herbal Tea, which is designed to aid in sleep, this relaxing blend from Culinary Teas features luxury ingredients such as lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile, rosehip, spearmint, valerian root (an herbal sleep aid), hibiscus, and cornflower petals. Caffeine-free and full of flavor, it’s a welcome way to encourage evening rest. Or maybe something to keep you healthy. With certain teas such as rosehip tea being enriched in vitamin C or if cleansing toxins and impurities from the body is your goal, then Refresh & Detox Herbal Tea is the right blend for you. With an almost unending selection of teas to choose from, there is a blend for everyone!

Coupons, discounts and promo codes

Being strong advocates of tea culture, Culinary teas offers a reward program via a point system. Earn enough points and you can claim a discount on your next purchase or even enjoy free shipping! Not only that but if your order value is over a certain amount you are also eligible for free shipping and a free sample is also included. Further, just by registering your account, you are given welcome points. With a rainbow of flavors to try, and topped off with great discounts on premium, herbal and organic teas and many more, what could be better to ignite your passion for tea.


Just about any tea can be served cold and iced, but these are The Five Best Iced Tea blends which include Mango Black Tea - a luxury black tea, natural dried mango, freeze-dried mango, lime leaves, calendula petals. Fresh, piquant mango character with memories of happy days in the sun. This tea is stunning over ice. Next is the Cape Code Iced Tea, luxury black tea, papaya and mango pieces, jasmine petals, lime. Then comes the Peach Apricot Green Tea, this tea has peach notes with jasmine sweet overtones. It is followed by Tuscany Pear Rooibos, a seductive combination of rich ripe juicy pears and sweet mild rooibos. And finally, the Lady's Hannah Whole Fruit Herbal Tea, The delicious blend of whole dried blackberries, raspberries, pieces of dried strawberries, apples and pineapples, lemon peels, and hibiscus petals create a summertime cooler. Nice on ice!

More on coupons, discounts and promo codes

With several discounts and promotions available, right now is the best time to indulge in your tea craving. Only one coupon, promotional code or loyalty code may be redeemed per purchase, also any free shipping offers are applicable in the U.S. only. There are limited-time discounts and promotions so rush over to culinaryteas.com and be ready to save money on your purchases!

Customer Service

Apart from exceptional tea blends, Culinary Teas’ premium tea is matched only by their superior customer service. This includes pre-sale customer services as well as after-sale services which include catering to customers’ issues and queries related to their orders. You can reach them easily at their email as well as a phone number that is mentioned on their website culinaryteas.com. With a solid customer base, a growing community, and over hundreds of testimonials, Culinary Teas has surely done it right. For those who wish to experiment with different blends, pair different food with teas, there is a dedicated blog that has dozens of suggestions and combinations for the avid tea lover. Jump right onto culinaryteas.com, stop scrolling and start blending!

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