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Discount codes and promotions at Musician's Friend


165 ongoing

Check out Great Values on Open Box Gear

Check out Great Values on Open Box Gear


152 ongoing

Limited Edition Gear

Limited Edition Gear: Incredible, must-see gear th...


189 ongoing

Boutique Pedals

Boutique Pedals: Tone-shaping tools you\'re sure t...


160 ongoing

Free gift with purchase of select items

Free gift with purchase of select items

High-quality instruments and accessories with Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend started as a very modest company in 1983. Rob and DeAnna Estmans, the founders, were just passionate musicians who wanted to help other musicians to work on their talents. Since that moment, their business has developed significantly. Now it has many locations around the whole United States, including Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and Kansas City.

Thanks to their distribution centers located in various areas, they can guarantee you fast shipment. The company was given many awards in the past such as TASCAM 2014 Dealer of the Year or Audix 2014 Top Retailer of the Year. Now it offers not only reliable instruments and accessories but also the professional staff’s expertise.

Musician’s Friend does its best to take care of musicians of all types. That’s why its owners want their products to be affordable and accessible to everyone. Aren’t you convinced yet? Then you should think of all the promotions and discounts that you can benefit from while doing the shopping via the Musician’s Friend website.

With special coupon codes, you can buy instruments and accessories even 20% cheaper. But you have to remember to check such offers regularly. Otherwise, you could miss the occasion. We know that it may be really frustrating to waste time checking many online stores in the hope that you’ll finally find something attractive.

That’s why Coupon Dojo publishes the list of all the active coupons and promotions. The lists are constantly updated so you don’t have to worry that it’ll be too late to use a code. Just make sure to check the list before purchasing Musician’s Friend items and get to know how much discount you can get.

Musician’s Friend – discounts and promotions

Musician’s Friend offers equipment for all types of musicians. If you are a traditionalist, you can find there guitars, basses or ukuleles. Every instrument has its own original sound and each requires proper treatment. Musician’s Friend values diversity, so you can expect it to give you whatever suits your style and preferences.

The company doesn’t forget about fans of electronic music. In the store, you’ll find the full DJ equipment, effects, MIDI and some useful accessories. The offer also includes the equipment for vocalists and studio owners. Browse the list of microphones, audio recorders, mixers and many others. With special coupon codes, you’ll also pay less for studio furniture.

Buy instruments at discounted prices

Are you a music lover? Maybe you’ve always wanted to play some instrument but you’ve never had a chance. If you just want to start your adventure with music, let Musician’s Friend equip you with your first instrument. What do you want to play? If you’re a fan of rock music, then you must dream about a guitar.

Of course, Musician’s Friend doesn’t offer its products only to beginners. You can be a professional guitarist or a keyboard player who needs a new instrument. If you want to replace your old equipment with the newest models, visit the Musician’s Friend official website and browse the offer. But remember to check the available discounts. When you find the right promotion, you’ll be able to buy a new guitar, microphone or accessories much cheaper.

The official website is very clear and intuitive so that you can find whatever you need without much effort. Once you visit the homepage, you’ll see the categories:

  • Guitar
  • Basses
  • Amps & Effects
  • Keys & MIDI
  • Live Sound
  • Recording
  • Microphones
  • Accessories

Whenever you click on a given category, it’ll roll out further. Then the products will be categorized according to their types and brands. For those who know what’s what it’ll be very simple to find what they came for. But the beginners who are new to the game may have some problems with recognizing the brands and comparing the properties of chosen products. In this case, you can contact the staff and ask about the details. You can do it by phone (877-880-5907) or by using the live chat on www.musiciansfriend.com.

How to use coupons and pay less for instruments?

In the Musician’s Friend section on Coupon Dojo, you’ll find the list of active coupons and promotions. What’s the difference? Promotions are available to every customer who visits the official shopping website. Until the promotion expires, all of the items involved are sold at discounted prices. How to benefit from a promotion?

  • Browse the list of coupons and promotions
  • Select the promotion that’s drawn your attention
  • Click „See promotion”
  • Read the full description and go to Musician’s Friend
  • Now you can buy the offered products cheaper

Coupons, on the other hand, are kept secret from a random user. Before you can buy Musician’s Friend products at bargain prices, you have to obtain a special coupon code. Only with this, you’ll be able to use the discount. How to use them?

  • Choose a coupon from the list
  • Copy the discount code
  • Go to Musician’s Friend
  • Add products to your basket
  • Enter the coupon code before you finish the transaction
  • Pay less!

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